This is our impact, and yours.

We have tracked down the carbon dioxide generated by our garments at every stage of their life cycle. Select a product to see how you can make a difference.

Yes we can

Our buying habits can change the world

It’s easy to buy something you just saw and fell in love with. But what about the impact of your purchase? What about the consequences for the people, the environment, the land and the water? What about every person involved – and perhaps mistreated – in the process of making that garment that you think you need?
Ok, wait a minute, it’s not about feeling guilty about your buying habits. It’s about taking the time to think about and understand the true impact that your purchasing power has. This tool aims to shed light on one critical aspect: carbon emissions and global warming.

Why Carbon?

Since the industrial revolution and human’s burning of wood, coal and oil, Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels have made global warming a critical environmental issue. We know catastrophic changes will take place if the global temperatures increase by more than 2° C. SKFK has engaged scientifically to remain below that pathway and will consistently measure and report on progress.
We took on the challenge of tracking all the carbon generated by our individual products, from raw materials up to product end of life.
That leads us to examine in depths our supply chain, knowing exactly what processes are used, where and how. We teamed up with CycleEco, a France based team of experts in environmental footprinting.
Displaying how SKFK’s products help reduce carbon not only challenges us to consistently improve but also allows you to make informed choices


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